14 April 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

UPDATE, 15 April 2006!

His Excellency, The President has been awarded the Gold Medal in the Shot-Put, in the Moonshine Republic 2006 Intermicronational Olympic Games. The Moonshine Republic 2006 Intermicronational Olympic Games can be visited here.

Venus Express Arrives at Venus

On 12 April 2006 XXIX, at the end of a 153-day and 400 million Imperial Norton (400-million km) cruise into the inner solar system beginning with its launch on 9 November 2005 XXVIII, ESA’s Venus Express space probe arrived at Earth's closest neighbor. The probe fired its main engine at 09:17 CEST for a 50-minute burn, which brought it into orbit around Venus. With this firing, the probe reduced its relative velocity toward the planet from 29,000 to about 25,000 kilometers per hour and was captured by its gravity field. This orbit insertion manoeuvre was a complete success.

During the next four weeks, the Venus Express probe will perform a series of maneuvers to reach the scheduled operational orbit for its scientific mission. It will move from its current highly elongated 9-day orbit to a 24-hour polar orbit, culminating at 66,000 kilometers. From this vantage point, the orbiter will conduct an in-depth observation of the structure, chemistry and dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus for at least two Venusian days (486 Earth days).

Venus Express is of special interest to Molossians because of our connection with Venus. In 2005 XXVIII, the United States Geological Survey named a crater on Venus for the First lady of our Republic, Mme. Lisa Baugh. Located at 29 degrees north, 182 degrees east, in an area known as Ganiki Planitia, this crater is now the center of the Vesperia Territorial Administration area, Molossia's "claim" on Venus. Hopefully, now that the orbiter has arrived at Venus, we will have a better opportunity to learn more about this mysterious planet.

New Antrim Protectorate.

The Republic of Molossia has added a new protectorate to its ranks, New Antrim. When new Molossian citizen T. Daniel Hess was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral, he brought roughly 12,643 square Royal Nortons (8 ac) of property with him, allowing Molossia's government to formally annex the land holdings as a protectorate. This newly formed state was christened New Antrim in honor of Grand Admiral Hess' Irish history. Based largely in Pennsylvania, New Antrim is a land rich in history and natural beauty. Lakes, rivers and waterfalls dot the landscape, like jewels in the rolling green countryside. Molossia pledges to look after this lovely land, and His Excellency, The President has great confidence in Grand Admiral Hess to do the job well. We look forward to positive relationship with our new ward, and a strong future together.

New Antrim's webpage can be found here.

Tower of the Winds Moved.

The December incursion upon our northern frontier brought home to our government that our sovereign territory was in danger from beyond our borders. Closest to that border was the Tower of the Winds, which stood until recently just a short distance from the northern boundary with the United States. A national landmark and the pride of our nation, we could not leave this monument in such danger for long. Thus, it was determined that we should move the Tower for its safety and for our peace of mind. To that end, a construction crew descended upon the Tower and in short order had moved it from its vulnerable location to the Geographical Center of Molossia. The Tower complex, consisting of several decorative items and much red lava gravel, was also moved. The decorative items were stored pending the establishment of a new Tower complex, and the gravel was used to cover a new path to the North Gate of Norton Park. The new Tower complex is as yet unfinished, as time and bad weather have prevented progress. Hopefully, by the beginning of June the transition will be complete and the Tower and its environs will once again stand tall upon the Molossian landscape.

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