20 February 2006 XXIX

Khamsin Molossia News

Communications in Molossia have finally entered the 20th Century! Yes, this may be the 21st, but we're a small country and we have to start somewhere. That start is our new telegraph system. Yes, telegraph system. Almost a month ago, His Excellency, The President read that the last telegram was being delivered by Western Union. At the same time, our government was already looking at various methods of internal communications for use solely within Molossia. The two events came together when The President mandated that our new communications system would be telegraphic. Yes, our external communications remain the various phones we have have, as well as the internet. These systems are all dependent on companies in the United States. Our new telegraph system is not.

A wire-based telegraph system was initially tried, and discarded. Because of distances and topography, wires proved to be difficult to lay and manage. A wireless system was then tested, and initial tests proved positive. At that point, the formal system was designed and built. After three weeks of effort, construction on the two telegraph devices and accompanying carrying boxes was completed. On 20 February, the sets were tested and launched. His Excellency, The President was given the honor of sending the inaugural message; he sent the word "Baugh", his own name, to the operator at the other end. The system is a success!

We are quite proud of our new telegraph system, and have thus made it possible for non-Molossians to use it, by sending a message via the Postal and Telegraph Service webpage. Please join us in celebrating our new and exciting communications system, the telegraph!

The new Molossian Postal and Telegraph Service webpage is located here.

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