28 December 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

Over two years ago, the Republic of Molossia expanded its frontiers and gained a colony, Farfalla. Farfalla is located in Northern California, not far from the small town of Alturas. It is about 7744 square Royal Nortons (2 ha / 4.9 ac) in size and is covered in pines, with a small seasonal creek running through the center, and a year-round spring that feeds into the creek. It is a lovely land, and a jewel in our crown.

But that jewel is no more. A nation runs on its budget, and maintenance of Farfalla has proven to be more that our tiny country's budget can stand. Therefore, we will shortly be relinquishing Farfalla, and saying good bye to this beautiful enclave to the north.

But this ending coincides with a new beginning. In August, Ed Baugh, grandfather of His Excellency, The President, passed on. In passing, he left a small but important legacy to His Excellency, 7902 sRN (2.2 ha / 5 acres) of desert land, located near Twentynine Palms, California. This land was obtained by Mr. Baugh during the 1950's, as part of the last Homestead Act offered by the United States Government. Though much more sere than Farfalla, the desert land is an important part of the Baugh Family heritage, and this increases its significance to Molossia. Furthermore, this tract is owned outright by His Excellency, which makes it the first truly sovereign Molossian territory. Because it is owned outright, it is therefore elevated to the status of Province, as opposed to a Colony, as was Farfalla. Thus, with great pride, we add the Province of Desert Homestead to the roll of Molossian territory. We take great pride in this new province, both for its past and heritage, as well as its roll in the future of Molossia.

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