19 December 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

On the 17th of December XXVIII evidence was discovered of a recent incursion on the northern frontier of our nation. During a routine check of Molossian territory, it was discovered that the fence guarding our northern border has been recently cut. Most of a section along a fence post and a part of the same section along another fence post has been damaged. There were no signs that the Americans had advanced onto Molossian territory. Damage to the fence was such that only very shaky repairs could be made. Proper repairs will have to wait until spring, when the weather improves.

There is no explanation for this damage to our border fence. The Americans that live on the other side of that border are notorious drug dealers and users (we are not making this up), a situation that seems to be beyond the control of American law enforcement. Nevertheless, relations between Molossia and "those people" have been fairly cordial, to avoid any sort of negative behavior, behavior that persons in the drug-dealing business are prone to. The fence was erected a couple of years ago to discourage ease of passage between Molossia and the territory belonging to "those people", and to deflect their garbage (which is kept by them in an open trailer, as opposed to being kept in trash cans like civilized people do) from blowing into our lovely nation.

It is presumed that this act was senseless destruction, without any sort of intelligent design. Minor acts of this sort have taken place in the recent past, and have been ignored and quickly repaired. This act of destruction is much more serious, as it will require replacement of that entire section of fence. We will do just that, but take no further action at this time. Nevertheless, the fence will be observed closely for any new signs of vandalism. In case of future aggression, plans are being drawn up for retaliation, by the use of the American legal process, and, perhaps, by other means.

His Excellency, The President surveys the damage.

The damaged fence.

The damaged fence.

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