1 June 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

In 1999 XXII, our nation launched its first rocket, Tidal Wave, in our nascent quest to explore the heavens. Over time, we have returned to the skies sporadically, still with our venerable but reliable spacecraft, Tidal Wave. But our mission to explore the final frontier has lately expanded. Tidal Wave has retired, and we now seek the skies with a new rocket, Astrocam.

Astrocam, as you imagine from the name, is equipped with a camera and can take pictures from aloft. Today, the Molossian Ministry for Space Exploration launched Astrocam for the first time from the Alphonse Simms Memorial Cosmodrome and Broomball Field. Eight successive and successful launches were made, and the rocket was recovered without difficulty each time. The results of the images taken on each of these launches remains to be seen, as the film was turned over to the Ministry for State Security for processing and review prior to public release. As the Astrocam is relatively new technology for our space program, it remains to be seen if the images will be of any value. Nevertheless, it is certain that Astrocam remains a bold step toward the skies, toward our understanding of the universe and toward an exciting future for Molossia.

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