19 July 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Government is proud to announce the creation of a new medal, "The Order of the Mustang". Our first "home-grown" medal (the others being cobbled together from existing medals), the "Mustang" is made of bronze, with a gold mustang in the middle and the inscription "Republic of Molossia - Order of the Mustang" on the back.

The Order of the Mustang is specially designed with foreign dignitaries in mind. Rather than being just for Molossians, the Mustang will be awarded to those individuals from outside our country that have aided our nation in some way. We are quite proud to honor our friends from abroad in this way, as a small token of our esteem for their support.

The Order of the Mustang can also be seen along with our other National Medals here.

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