4 June 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

In trying times such as these, all nations must look to their own security and self defense. To this end, the Government of the Republic of Molossia is proud to announce the creation of the Molossian Navy. That's right the Navy. We have had our moments with various other military endeavors. The Army didn't work out so well, and the Air Force never flew. The Navy seems to be the best fit. So, Molossia now has a Navy.

While our goals are lofty, reality and the National Budget necessitates a plan that is somewhat more conservative. For the time being, our Navy is therefore equipped with a 16.2 x 6.8 Norton (2.9 x 1.22 meters / 9.5 x 4 feet) inflatable boat, human powered, and thus far unarmed. Our boat, christened the "M.S. Wombat" has already had its inaugural voyage in nearby Lake Lahontan. A "sea-trial" of sorts, the M.S. Wombat performed admirably. The crew was somewhat lacking, but experience and training will remedy that. We look forward to many future voyages in the Wombat.

His Excellency, The President, Admiral of the Molossian Navy, aboard the M.S. Wombat.

In addition to our Navy, we are proud to note the creation of our new Navy's combat arm, the Naval Infantry. Equipped with 1853 Enfield muskets, the Naval Infantry is charged with the the defence of the Molossian homeland. While our Naval Infantry lacks the awesome firepower of Our Giant Neighbor, we are certain that the shining steel of their bayonets and the steel of their resolve will give any invader pause. Go Naval Infantry!

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