21 May 2024 XLVII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Navy is pleased to unveil its latest line of defense against any potential enemies, Fort Fenwick. Fort Fenwick is an earthwork fortification, similar to those built during the US Civil War, or the notorious trenches of World War I. Named after the fabled Duchy of Grand Fenwick from the The Mouse That Roared, the fort is built on the southwest frontier of our nation, the most likely avenue of attack, in the event of such a thing. Constructed sturdy and solid from tons of earth, wood and steel, the fort can ably defend against small arms fire and possibly even bigger. In these uncertain times any defense of our nation and its sovereignty is a welcome - and this mighty fort is welcome indeed. We are quite proud of Fort Fenwick, a bastion of strength for the security of our nation!

Fort Fenwick.

Kilroy Was Here.

Inside Fort Fenwick.

Fort and Flag.

A Navy
the Fort.

Ready for Action.


Taking Aim

Fort Fenwick.

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