27 April 2024 XLVII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 27 April 2024 XLVII, the Republic of Molossia was visited by our first tourists of the year. On an absolute gorgeous day, at about 10:41 AM MST a great group of 24 tourists arrived in Molossia, from such far flung locales as South Korea and as close as right down the road in the US. Among this group was the august personage of the Minister of Silly Walks and his entourage from the United Republics of Jämtland, a Swedish micronation. This made this tourist visit also a sort of a State Visit, too! After a brief ceremony in Republic Square, our tourists all explored Molossia escorted by His Excellency, The President and the First Lady. They took in all the sights of our nation, including Red Square, Norton Park and the Tower of the Winds. The President as usual regaled our visitors with the stories and culture of Molossia, ensuring they had an enjoyable visit. Finally, their curiosity about the world's smallest republic satisfied, our visitors returned to the United States, destined for adventures elsewhere. We are happy as always to have hosted this mighty group of travelers and fans of Molossia in our nation and wish them well on their future pursuits!

An Informal
State Visit.

A Wild Horse
Passes By!

Our Great Group
Of Visitors!

Jämtlanders at the Border.

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