9 April 2024 XLVII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to announce three new improvements to our nation, both aesthetic and functional. First, a lovely new four-tier fountain now adorns Red Square, a welcome embellishment to the open plaza that is the home to many festivities in our nation. The focal point for the end of each tour of Molossia, the fountain serves as a wishing well of sorts, promising the return visit of anyone who tosses in a coin. Not far from the fountain, a coconut weather station has been established, a humorous take on the sometimes wild weather that can plague Molossia – not our weather, of course, but the unpleasant weather that blows in over of the border from the US! And finally, high upon the east side of Molossia’s big red barn, a bat house has been installed. We are not averse to all types of insect control, and that would include bats. Here’s hoping that the nocturnal aviators will make their home in Molossia, an unusual and valuable addition to Molossia’s wildlife!

Coconut Weather Station

Bat House on the Barn

The New Fountain in Red Square

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