2 April 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

Mysterious Coin Discovered.

Recent excavations in Norton Park (see below) have uncovered a mysterious coin, buried deep in the Molossian soil. This coin appears to be of Chinese origin, and appears to be quite old. There was a significant Chinese population in both Virginia City and Dayton, Nevada, over the border in the USA and not far from Molossia. Perhaps this coin is a relic of that time, although it is unclear how it came to be here.

Further investigation will take place to attempt to discover the origin of this strange coin.

Norton Park Remodeled

Norton Park lies behind Government House, in the heart of Molossia. It is the home to the Molossia Railroad, and a popular recreation spot for the people of our nation. However, it has had a checkered history in terms of landscaping, and has occasionally suffered from neglect. This year a major effort is underway to remodel Norton park, and make it more inviting to our population. The centerpiece of this project is the construction of an upper and lower plaza, between Government House and the railroad location. Literally tons of paving stones have been laid, and tons of earth has been moved. Steps have been built and walkways have been laid, around the entire railroad. A summerhouse with a fountain is planned. All of this construction is nearly complete, and should hopefully be done by the beginning of May.

Everyone in Molossia is eagerly anticipating the completion of this huge project, and thus being able to enjoy our new Norton Park. Pictures will be posted to our nation's website as soon as the project is complete.

Wind Storm Lashes Molossia

The weekend of March 26 - 27 saw some wild weather in Molossia. Rain, snow and wind hammered our little country (and we assume the big country next door, as well). The principle assault came in the form of wind, though. Now, we are not adverse to wind in Molossia. It is a part of desert life, and we accept that it blows nearly always. But this wind storm quite powerful, and lasted nearly all day Sunday. Dust clouds stretching for miles filled Dayton Valley, and sand lashed our redoubtable construction crew as they worked on Norton Park. Thankfully, come Monday morning, the wind had abated and calm returned to Molossia. No damage was noted, even to the Tibetan Prayer Flags that decorate the Tower of the Winds. So life has returned to normal as March has blown itself right off the calendar. Hopefully April will be calmer!

We have commemorated the Great Wind Storm with a short silent movie, which can be seen here. Enjoy!

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