29 January 2024 XLVII

Khamsin Molossia News

On Sunday, 28 January 2024 XLVII the Molossian Volcanological Society set out on an expedition to study the geothermal activity of Lassen Peak, an active volcano located about three hours northwest of Molossia. This was a rare winter expedition, involving the use of snowshoes to travel to the study area, deep within the snowbound wilderness on the slopes of the volcano. The President and First Lady, representing the Volcanological Society, trekked over 9000 Nortons (1 mi./1.2 km.) through the snow, arriving at about 1:39 PM MST at a location known as the Sulfur Works. The Sulfur Works is an area of active geothermal features, including several boiling mudpots, steaming fumaroles and boiling springs. It is located at the geological center of what was once the towering Mount Tehama, the prehistoric volcano that loomed almost 19,000 Nortons (11,000 ft./3352 m.) over the surrounding area, up to 390,000 years ago. After that time the volcano subsided and volcanic activity moved to nearby Lassen Peak, Mount Tehama eroded, and very little of it remains today. But the heart of the ancient volcano still beats, as is evidenced by the remaining activity at the Sulfur Works. The stalwart Volcanological Society spent a while in the area, studying the geothermal features and learning about what remains of Mount Tehama’s activity. Eventually the duo returned through the snow to dry ground and thence back to Molossia. A great deal was learned in this study, furthering our knowledge of volcanism and how it impacts the world in which we live.

The First
Lady Pointing
the Way?

At the
Boiling Mudpot



Mudpots and
Steam Down
the Hill

The Flag at
the Sulfur Works

Lassen Peak Looms Over the Winter Landscape

The President on the Trail

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