14 January 2024 XLVII

Khamsin Molossia News

Well, it's a bit late for this area, but winter finally arrived during the second week of January this year. The first storm of the season rolled in on Saturday, 6 January, bringing a few micronortons of snow to our nation and the region. After a few days' respite, a second, more powerful storm arrived on the evening of 10 January, dumping an impressive 1.5 Nortons (12 in/30 cm) of snow in just a short time. This storm closed roads and businesses, caused power outages in the local area and generally wrought havoc. Subsequent cold temperatures kept roads icy and snow covered for a couple of days until a new storm blew in literally, bringing warmer temperatures and howling winds. This third storm in a week did melt off the remaining snow but also blew down fences, signs and power lines outside Molossia, bringing a new level of winter misery. Fortunately there was no damage in Molossia itself.

The winter season usually begins around the last weekend of November, with the first light snowfall almost invariably falling at that time. This winter neither snow nor much rain fell through November and December (precluding a white Christmas), with winter reserving its force until January. January and February are the real winter months in Molossia, with frequent snowfalls and cold temperatures being the rule. Occasional warm spells occur, especially in February and March, called "false spring", followed by the real spring in April. So now that winter has finally arrived, it is certain that more will come!

Snow in
Republic Square

Snow in
Norton Park

Snow in
Red Square

Woola Loves
the Snow

Snow in
Farfalla Province

First Snowfall of the Year

Snow Piling Up

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