18 November 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

Slowly but surely, over the last twenty years, the Molossia Railroad has shrunk. Originally filling the center of Norton Park, undergrowth has gradually overwhelmed the tracks of our railroad, eventually dwindling it down to half its initial size. This year The President mandated that this situation will be no more and that the original size and glory of the Molossia Railroad should be restored. Thus, throughout November, bushes have been cut back or eliminated and new track has been laid, returning trains to long abandoned corners of the original layout. In addition to restoring the old track, a new route has been added cutting through the middle of the layout, creating a figure eight pattern for trains to run upon. The venerable western town of Silver Hill has been relocated further west and a new river now cuts through the north edge of the railroad layout, appropriately named "New River". Other plans are in the works as well, to be debuted on Railroad Day, next spring. In the meantime we are quite proud of the progress made to restore the Molossia Railroad and look forward to it serving our nation for many years to come!

Stopped the
New Silver Hill
Town Site

Silver Hill

Bridge Across
the New River

No. 18 "Zephyr"
at the new
North Wye

Overgrown Track

Clear Cutting Begins

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