16 October 2023 XLVI
Khamsin Molossia News

This year has been one of diplomatic milestones for the Republic of Molossia. In April we hosted our first dual State Visit, between our nation and the nations of Waterloo and Dagostinia. Then in May The President and First Lady visited the Republic of Slowjamastan, our first State Visit to another nation since 2005 XXVIII. This was followed by MicroCon 2023, in late June, in Joliet, Illinois, the biennial meetup of micronations from around the world. This was followed in July by a State Visit from the President of the Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills to Molossia. Then the second half of MicroCon 2023 took place in August in Ypres, Belgium, another amazing meetup of micronations. In early September, the First Couple made another State Visit to another nation, visiting the remote nation of Zaqistan, in northwest Utah.

And finally, on 14 October, Molossia hosted yet another dual State Visit to our nation. On a beautiful autumn day, President Chris of the Republic of Chapman and Guv'na Caliva and Guv'ness Speckmeyer of DonSam Wadi, a state of Slowjamastan, visited Molossia. The Republic of Chapman is located in Hayward, California and Slowjamastan is of course located in the desert west of San Diego. The leaders of both nations were welcomed to Molossia in a formal ceremony in Republic Square, which including the raising of their flags, the playing of each nations' national anthem (as well as Molossia's, of course) and the awarding of medals. It is customary for The President to award a medal during State Visit welcome ceremonies, and this visit was no exception, with the awarding of Molossia's Medal Of Statesmanship to President Chris, the Guv'na and Guv'ness. Following the ceremony, the leaders and their entourages participated in the tour of our nation, the last of this year. Following the tour, the leaders of the two nations took their leave, each returning to their respective nations. This dual State Visit was a wonderful, auspicious event and will be remembered for a long time, as a landmark in the annals of diplomacy - as has this entire year!

The President,
First Lady
and Leaders
of Two Nations
at the Border

Ceremony in
Republic Square

Presenting a
Medal to
President Chris

Presenting a
Medal to
Guv'na Caliva

Presenting a
Medal to

President Chris and the President at the Border

The Guv'na and Guv'ness of DonSam Wadi with The President at the Border

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