25 February 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

This week saw the sudden reappearance of an old problem. For two days during the middle of the week a new Communist faction reared its head, claiming authority over our nation. This movement was in turn quickly suppressed without violence. Molossia was briefly a Communist nation from June 1998 through August 1999. Our government peacefully overthrew this Red faction, and has since turned its back on those tumultuous days. His Excellency, The President placed our nation under martial law during the transition period between ideologies, and this condition remains to this day, for other more dangerous reasons. This revival of Communism is not seen as a real threat to our nation's stability; our government is far too strong for there to be any danger. Rather than responding with force, His Excellency chose to placate the upstart movement by "buying them off" with some old Soviet-era paraphernalia. This sent the New Red Movement happily off to the province from whence they came, relinquishing their claims on our nation.

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