31 July 2022 XLV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 30 July 2022 XLV His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh turned 60 years old. This milestone event was celebrated over a period of two days, and with two great events. First was the Presidential Birthday Party, held early, on 28 July at Government House. In attendance were much of the First Family, and indeed much of the Molossian population. Spaghetti was the main course of the birthday dinner, His Excellency's favorite food and a Molossian national dish. In lieu of a cake, cupcakes were served, and after blowing out the candle on his, The President opened his presents. These included an Aloha shirt with his face on it, a Presidential bobble head, Molossia flag art and a new engine for the Molossia Railroad. It was a wonderful party and an excellent celebration of this milestone in The President's life.

On Saturday, 30 July, His Excellency's actual birthday, The President and First Lady traveled to the town of Portola, California to visit the Western Pacific Railroad Museum. There, His Excellency had the opportunity to drive a locomotive, an EMD TR6A switch engine on a track loop at the museum. The First Lady was able to drive the engine as well. In all, the First Couple drove the locomotive on six different forays down the track loop. It was exciting and great fun for The President to pilot the engine, one of his longtime dreams, and an amazing culmination to a wonderful 60th birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday!

Presidential Bobble Head.

Aloha Shirt.

New Engine
For The

Flag Art.

Ready To Roll.

The President
Becomes An

The First Lady
At The

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