28 November 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 28 November 2021 XLII, Molossians gathered to belatedly celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and to launch air rockets in what we're calling the Great Molossia Turkey Shoot. Air rockets are a staple of Molossian culture, a part of our ongoing space program as well a part of tours of our nation. During monthly tours our visitors are invited to participate in our Space Program by launching air rockets and it was those same air rockets that were the heart of the competition on this chilly November day. In turns, Molossians competed against each other to see who could launch their rocket higher. Heats were held with several teams vying to go the highest. In the end, the team composed of The President and Chief Constable prevailed, in spite of stiff competition and perhaps even a little cheating! It was a wonderfully enjoyable event and one certain to become a regular part of our culture. Here's looking forward to the next Turkey Shoot!

Chief Constable
Takes The Lead
Over Grammy

And Again
Against Darryl!

Bradley and
The First Lady
Ready to

Bradley and
The President

Getting Ready to Launch

First Heat, Bradley vs Grammy!

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