19 October 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 17 October 2021 XLIV, His Excellency The President, the First Lady and Chief Constable had the opportunity to visit the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, located in western North Carolina in an area known as the Qualla Boundary. The EBCI is the remnant of the Cherokee nation that existed in Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and North Georgia for thousands of years, prior to the arrival of white settlers. By the 1820ís the Nation was a legal, autonomous, tribal government with its own constitution, laws, written language and newspaper. White pressure to occupy Cherokee land resulted in the Nationís removal to Oklahoma, a tragic act of genocide known as the Trail of Tears. A small population of Cherokee remained in the depths of the Smoky Mountains, avoiding removal. In the late 19th century this remainder gathered on a piece of land purchased for them by a white ally, and established the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The Eastern Band gained Federal recognition as a tribe in the 20th century and continues as such, a sovereign, native nation within the United States.

During their visit to Cherokee, the heart of the Eastern Bandís territory, His Excellency had sought to meet with the Principal Chief to discuss sovereignty. Regrettably a meeting could not be arranged; instead, the First Family toured the Nation, experiencing the history, culture and government of the tribe. The Eastern Band has a thriving economy largely from tourism and revenue is directed at economic development, as well as tribal welfare and support of cultural initiatives, such as the language immersion program and development of historic preservation programs. The Cherokee language, using the syllabary developed by Sequoia, is used throughout the Nation. It was an excellent experience for the First Family to visit this Cherokee homeland, a nation within a nation, surviving against the odds to thrive and to preserve Cherokee life, culture and traditions.

Cherokee Bear


Cherokee Clan

Street Sign

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Nation Seal.

The President Visiting EBCI Headquarters.

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