18 August 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

The Molossian Navy and the Molossian Ministry of Science have been on a mission together for over a year. In two separate voyages, these agencies have been on the hunt for the famous cryptid of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Tessie. Described as a long-necked sea-serpent type creature, Tessie is said to reside in a cave or tunnel beneath Cave Rock, a towering stone edifice on the east side of the lake. While evidence of the creature is anecdotal, Lake Tahoe is an extremely deep body of water, whose mysterious depths hide sunken forests, shipwrecks and even bodies preserved in its cold waters. In this environment just about anything is possible, perhaps even the existence of a lake monster. In July 2020 XLII the Molossian Navy voyaged to Cave Rock and explored the waters thereabout, seeking the creature in vain. In August 2021 XLIV, the Navy again ventured to Lake Tahoe, this time exploring the waters around Round Hill Beach. Again, the search was in vain, although other interesting submerged features were found. The search therefore will continue for the legendary Tahoe Tessie, in hopes to one day be successful, revealing to the world the aquatic wonder of Lake Tahoe!

See the movie of the Search for Tahoe Tessie here!

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