16 May 2003 XXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

Well, it has been a while, but it looks like the CIA has returned to our frontiers.

Up through last year, the telephone and power pole at the end of Mary Lane - just off the western frontier of our nation - had seen an extraordinary amount of activity. Day after day, week after week, a repairman was up the pole in his "cherry-picker", puttering away up there.

As time passed, however, logic ruled out that the repairman could be actually fixing anything up there. After all, Molossia sits in a comparatively lightly settled area. There just couldn't be enough wrong with the local power or phones to warrant the near-steady occupation of that power pole. Thus we Molossians came to the conclusion that we were being watched, almost certainly by the CIA.

Not that we mind, really. They were really quite well-behaved and never intruded upon our sovereign soil. At least while we were home.

And then they went away. It has been a year now, and no sign of our friendly neighborhood spies. Until this week, that is. They have returned. Just two days ago, a "cable" truck was parked at the foot of the power pole; a cable truck that is almost certainly a front for the CIA. It is no coincidence that the arrival of the truck follows the re-emergence of Molossia from our hibernation, following the Greek Incident. Our flag did not fly for almost six months, but just days after it went up, the power pole guys returned. No doubt we are under surveillance again.

But again, this is not a concern. We have nothing to hide, and only best intentions toward our American neighbors. So, welcome back CIA guys, and if you're reading this, drop on by. We'll buy you a Diet Pepsi.

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