22 May 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 22 May 2021 XLIV, the Republic of Molossia hosted both a State Visit and one of our largest groups of tourist visitors ever. King Scott of the Kingdom of Kelley arrived accompanied by his two young princes and were treated to a short welcoming ceremony in Republic Square, including the raising of their flag next to ours and the awarding of the Molossian Friendship Medal. In addition to this State Visit, a record number of visitors arrived to tour our nation, 50 in all, including a group of pageant princesses led by Miss Virginia City. On a rainy, blustery day our tourists all explored Molossia escorted by His Excellency, The President, The First Lady and Chief Constable Alexis. They took in all the sights of our nation, including Red Square, Norton Park and the Tower of the Winds. The President as usual regaled our visitors with the stories and culture of Molossia, ensuring they had an enjoyable visit. Finally, their curiosity about the world's smallest republic satisfied, our visitors returned to the United States - and the Kingdom of Kelley - destined for adventures elsewhere. We are happy as always to have hosted this mighty group of travelers and fans of Molossia in our nation and wish them well on their future pursuits.

in Jail.

The President
and Tourists.

The Kingdom of
Kelley Flag
at the Border.

Our Big Group
Of Visitors.

The President, King Scott and the Princes of the Kingdom of Kelley.

The President Among Princesses.

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