24 April 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 24 April 2021 XLIV, the Republic of Molossia was visited by our first tourists of the year. On a very windy day, at about 10:41 AM MST a large group of 22 tourists arrived in Molossia, from such far flung locales as Texas, Utah, California, Kansas, Nebraska and right across the street! After the somewhat smaller tour groups of last year, hampered perhaps by COVID, this group of eager visitors was more average sized, indicating that perhaps life is returning to normal and people are traveling abroad again. Among this group was the august personage of the Duke of Enniskillen, bringing the presence of Irish royalty to our humble land. Our tourists all explored Molossia escorted by His Excellency, The President, The First Lady and Chief Constable Alexis. They took in all the sights of our nation, including Red Square, Norton Park and the Tower of the Winds. The President as usual regaled our visitors with the stories and culture of Molossia, ensuring they had an enjoyable visit. Finally, their curiosity about the world's smallest republic satisfied, our visitors returned to the United States, destined for adventures elsewhere. We are happy as always to have hosted this mighty group of travelers and fans of Molossia in our nation and wish them well on their future pursuits.

Young Man With
A Big Flag.

Sean H.,
Duke of Enniskillen
and Commander In
Chief Mark With
The President.

Our Big Group
Of Visitors.

The President And Chief Constable At Customs.

Proud Bearer Of A Molossian Flag And Large Hat.

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