26 March 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

Stella the cat passed away at 3:30 PM MST on 26 March 2021 XLIV. At eight years old, Stella was adopted into the Molossian family last September, and moved into The President and First Lady's studio/office in Government House. Not much is known about her life before Molossia, but her life in our nation was one of leisure as the queen of the studio and apple of the President's eye. Unfortunately, after barely six months' living in our nation, Stella developed cancer and passed on. There is great sadness at the loss of this sweet and gentle lady. Stella was buried with honors in the Molossia Cemetery, and His Excellency, The President has directed that the Molossian flag will be flown at half-staff for three days in her memory. Stella will truly be missed.


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