11 January 2021 XLIV
Khamsin Molossia News

The Home Territory of Molossia is but 2054 Square Royal Nortons (1.3 acres/.5 hectares) in size, a tiny enclave surrounded by the United States. But now our nation is eying extension beyond our current borders. Just to the west of Harmony Province lies a plot of land which may soon become a part of our nation. Exactly the same size as Harmony Province, this land recently became vacant upon the passing of its owner, and our nation wishes to purchase it - and through this process absorb it into Molossia. This would increase Molossia's area by 2054 Square Royal Nortons (1.3 acres/.5 hectares) in size, and the total area of our nation, including Desert Homestead Province and Farfalla Colony, to 19,974 Square Royal Nortons (12.6 acres/5 hectares). It is intended that this new territorial acquisition will be residential in nature, and not necessarily open to visitors. In addition, once this land is added to our nation, it will be separated from Harmony Province by a brief section of Mary Lane, which may require an understanding between Storey County and Molossia regarding its status and use.

This planned territorial accession may take some time to achieve fruition, although it will almost certainly be within the current year, 2021. In the meantime, our potential new province beckons just across the road, the future of Molossia!

The Planned New Area Of The Home Territory.

The Current Map Of The Molossian Home Territory.

The Planned New Province.

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