9 November 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is proud to welcome our newest native-born citizen, Kassandra Dawn Morrow. Kassandra is the seventh Molossian born since 1991, following the 31 October 2019 XLII birth of Liliana Grace Erickson. Kassandra arrived on 9 November 2020 XLIII, at 7:45 AM MST, weighing 4 Fenwicks, 5 Bascombs (3.6 kg) and measuring 3 Nortons (52 cm) in length. Kassandra was born at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, USA, but it was arranged that a pouch of dirt be placed under the delivery bed, so that she could be born over Molossian soil. The child of Molossians Jacques Morrow and Christina Coates-Morrow, Kassandra is the seventh grandchild of The President and First Lady. Our nation's population was 34; the birth of the Seventh Grandchild has raised it to 35, small but mighty - and still growing. Welcome to Molossia Kassandra!

Baby Kassandra, First Day On Earth

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