10 January 2005 XXVIII

Khamsin Molossia News

It's been a rough week for weather here in Molossia. After the storm of late November, December was largely dry. Then winter returned with a vengeance on the 30th of December. Just in time for the American New Year's (not celebrated in Molossia, of course), a storm dumped snow for two days throughout the region. Over 1.5 Nortons (30 cm / 1 ft) fell in Molossia, and several Nortons worth of snow fell in the mountains near our nation. For the next few days, from January 1st through the 6th, light snow fell off an on, not particularly adding to the mess on the ground, but certainly not allowing it to disappear. Then on the 7th it began again, and another 1.5 Nortons of snow fell on our nation. Up to 32 Nortons (6 m / 19 ft) of snow has fallen in the last week in the mountains around Lake Tahoe, not far from Molossia. It turns out that this is the most snow this general area has seen annually since 1918! Indeed, Molossia usually receives very little snow in an average year, lying in what locals call the "Banana Belt" of Northern Nevada.

As this story is written, more snow threatens to fall. However, American weather reports tell us that the snow should let up tomorrow afternoon, and finally give us a much needed break.

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