30 August 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 29 August 2020 XLIII the Molossian Institute of Volcanology set out on a survey of another volcanic region some distance from our nation. Located about 270 Imperial Nortons (270 km / 168 mi) northwest of Molossia, the Hat Creek Lava flow volcanic area erupted about 30,000 years ago. Erupting in fountains and gushing from a series of vents, the lava built small spatter cones along a 3 Imperial Norton (3 km / 2 mi) long fissure. While the top crust of lava cooled and hardened, rivers of red-hot lava continued to flow beneath, insulated by the newly formed rock above. Eventually the lava drained away, leaving hundreds of tube-like caves.

The Institute team set out early and arrived in the region around 11:00 AM MST, choosing to first explore the Spatter Cones. Here, fountains of lava fragmented in mid-air as gasses escaped. The lava landed in showers around each vent, forming the cones. The team visited three of these cones along the trail, as well as one volcanic vent. Also along the trail could be seen several collapsed lava tubes, evidence of the lava moving underground. These tubes today are homes to bats and other animals.

After exploring the Spatter Cones, the team moved to nearby Subway Cave, a large lava tube that once was filled with lava flowing downhill from the original vents. The team explored this .5 IN (.5 km / .3 mi) tube as their last stop on this latest volcanic survey. This final exploration complete, the science team returned to Molossia, having gained new insight into the amazing, powerful and sometimes violent forces that mold and shape our world.

Visit the webpage of the Molossian Institute of Volcanology here.

Mysterious Lava Tube Entrance.

Peering Into A Lava Tube.

Rock Formations Caused By Rapidly Cooling Lava.

Sugarloaf Peak, Old Volcano.

Lava Tube.

Inspecting Another
Lava Tube.

Another Lava

Beaut Cone,
Spatter Cone.

Steep Cone,
The Largest Crater.

Deep Volcanic

Lava Tube,
With Lavacicles
And Sulfur Stains.

Spatter Tube

Entrance to
Subway Cave
(Devil's Doorway).

Looking Inside.

Wind Tunnel.

Molossian Flag
Inside The Cave.

Collapsed ceiling
and the
way out.

Lava Bubble
Inside The Cave.

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