25 August 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia is no stranger to natural disasters. Our desert nation has been lashed by destructive windstorms, swamped by roaring flash floods and even rattled by earthquakes. But one danger that looms over the rest is the threat of wildfire. During the warmer months of the year wildfires rage throughout the western part of North America, causing great destruction. Thousands of hectares of forest and rangeland are burned every year, fires caused by lightning and, unfortunately, man. Here in Molossia over half of the Home Territory is sagebrush desert, particularly susceptible to fire. We are always cautious to avoid any activity that might cause fires and to take precautions to prevent fires from happening at all. One measure that has recently been implemented by Molossia's Directorate of Emergency Management is our new fire prevention stand. Located adjacent to Red Square, the fire stand includes hoses, a shovel and sand bucket, all ready to be used to suppress any fire within our nation. With this new equipment we are now prepared to stop wildfires in their tracks and keep our nation safe from at least this form of disaster!

Fire Equipment At The Ready!

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