13 July 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Sunday, 12 July 2020 XLIII the First Family traveled to Berlin. The heart of the Communist German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany, turned out to be surprisingly close to Molossia, just a two and a half hour drive across the Nevada desert. The headquarters of our eternal enemy, the East Germans, was hardly impressive and nothing like the pictures of the capital of a worker's paradise that are distributed by the communist propaganda machine. At the end of a long dirt road, The President, First Lady and Chief Constable crossed the heavily demarcated border into a realm of weathered, battered shacks, with rubble and debris scattered everywhere. It was almost as if no effort was made by the totalitarian government to repair the damage of World War II, in spite of that conflict ending 75 years ago. A surprising lack of security was noted, as the First Family wandered freely through the nearly deserted buildings of the communist capital. Indeed, just three Berlin citizens were seen during the visit to the town, although all were uniformed, as is common in Soviet satellite nations. Nevertheless the oppression of the regime was felt by the travelers, and it was with great pleasure that they departed Berlin after a couple of hours, happy to return to our free dictatorship, Molossia!

(The now-ghost town of Berlin sprang up in 1896 when substantial gold veins were discovered nearby. In total, the Berlin Mine produced 42,000 troy ounces (46,080 oz; 1,306.346 kg) of gold, all removed from tunnels by hard rock mining techniques. The mine became unprofitable by 1911, and the town of Berlin became uninhabited shortly thereafter. Today, the ore mill still stands, and the stamps and mercury float tables can be viewed. Other buildings still standing include homes, blacksmith shop, stage coach shop and stable, machine shop, and assay office. Some buildings are open to enter, while others offer interior views of their contents through the windows. There are also headworks on some of the mine shafts.)

The Road to Berlin

Molossia Flag Entering Berlin

Heavily Guarded Border

Volkskammer Building
(Berlin Park

Berlin Buildings
(Assay Office
and Machine Shop)

Aging East
German Car
(Old Car Next
to Machine Shop)

Possible Stasi
(Assay Office)

East Berlin
Transport Hub
(Berlin Stage

Possible Weapons
(Mill Building
and Mine Works)

The Heart of East
German Technology!
(Machine Shop and
Mill Building)

Inside an East
German Factory
(Stamps Inside
the Berlin Mill)

An Example of
Worker's Housing
(Mrs. Phillip's House)

Possible Weapons
Storage Site
(Diana Mine)

Another View of the
Weapons Storage Site
(Diana Mine)

The Road Home and
Back to Our Free

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