9 May 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Saturday, 9 May 2020 XLIII the Mighty Molossian Navy set out to explore the waters of nearby Lake Lahontan, about 33 Imperial Nortons 21 mi/33 km) east of the Molossian Home Territory. The goal was to sail to an island in the lake, and launch a rocket from that island. This sort of mission has never been attempted before - our Navy usually specializes in waterborne activities such as launching submersibles, not rockets. To facilitate transport across the water a tiny rocket was chosen, Nitro, barely 6 Micro-Nortons (6 in/15 cm) tall. The voyage began at Beach 11 in Lake Lahontan, with three of our Navy's vessels, the Platypus, the Bandicoot and the Wahoo, setting out from there to the island, about .5 Imperial Nortons (.3 mi/.5 km) away. Avoiding speeding jetskis, the fleet arrived at the island about a half hour later and immediately deployed the rocket for launching. The launch was successful, with the tiny rocket lofting high above the island. Regrettably the rocket was destroyed as a result of its powerful engine, so subsequent launches were not possible. Nevertheless the mission was declared a complete and great success and the flotilla set sail back to the mainland. From Lake Lahontan the fleet then returned to Molossia, another successful foray for the Mighty Molossian Navy. Hooray for the Molossian Navy!

Watch the rocket launch here!

Lake Lahontan.

Rocket Island.

Ready To

Rocket Ready.

The Aftermath
- Destroyed

The Archipelago in Lake Lahontan.

The First Lady and Chief Constable Afloat.

The President Afloat.

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