24 April 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

As the COVID-19 virus and related preventative actions sweep the world, Molossia has seen its share of impact as well. Thankfully thus far there have been no cases of COVID-19 in our nation. However, preventative actions and restrictions have had an impact. On 12 March 2020 XLIII Governor Sisolak of the neighboring US State of Nevada issued an emergency declaration in response to the pandemic, including the closure of schools, closure of non-essential businesses and cancellation of large gatherings. In addition, social distancing was mandated and telework encouraged, and restaurants were limited to delivery or take out only. Here in Molossia we are of course directly impacted by the restrictions and preventive measures enacted in Nevada and elsewhere in the United States. After all, our nation is completely surrounded by that state and the US. Thus, we have as well enacted preventative measures, in order to lessen and hopefully eliminate the impact of COVID-19 in our nation. Due to the tiny size of our nation and our general lack of resources, most Molossians work outside the country in the US. In at least a few cases the COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in telework for some Molossians, i.e. working at their jobs, but from home. In other cases, for those individuals that work in service industries in the US, this has meant the complete closure of those facilities or at least the aforementioned limitations of delivery or take-out, in the case of Molossian restaurant employees. Most Molossians that work in the US have felt some sort of impact on their daily work life. However, with rare exception, the flow of supplies - food and such - to Molossia from outside our nation has seen minimal adverse impact. There have only been a few shortages noted, among them the ubiquitous toilet paper shortage. Over time though, even this deficiency has eased. In the meantime, as we wait for the various COVID-19 restrictions and preventative measures to ease, the time has been spent within our nation, cleaning, tidying, painting and generally getting it ready for the upcoming tourist season - whenever it might happen. With the advent of spring, Molossia is looking beautiful as always, and the blooming flowers and trees are a sign that this crisis, like all things, shall one day pass and life will soon be back to normal in our wonderful nation!

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