12 April 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia and the Molossian Navy are pleased to announce the second foray of our legendary wonder weapon, the Great Panjandrum. Ever vigilant against the omnipresent threat to our nation's security by our arch-nemesis, East Germany, our Navy developed the Great Panjandrum in January 2015 XXXVIII. The Great Panjandrum is a rocket-powered assault wheel, designed to carry an explosive charge rather dramatically into the enemy lines. It is modeled after the original Great Panjandrum built by the British military during World War II. Similarly sensational, that version of the Panjandrum proved to be erratic and prone to frequent violent failure. The Molossian Navy was determined to recreate the Panjandrum and possibly rectify some of its flaws. The first and subsequent launches in January 2015 XXXVIII showed a weakness in the center axle, which has since been repaired. On 11 April 2020 XLIII, the Great Panjandrum was tested for a second time, again at the secret weapons testing facility deep in the desert. On a beautiful spring day, the Panjandrum bolted forth on its first launch in a blaze of smokey glory. On the second launch of the day a slight miscalculation sent the Panjandrum barreling toward the watching crowd, sending them in turn leaping for safety. Fortunately all escaped unharmed. The final daytime launch saw the Panjandrum finally achieve its goal, successfully knocking down one of the East German silhouette targets. A profound success, the Panjandrum had one final test, a nighttime launch. This went spectacularly, as the mighty machine charged across the desert floor, rockets blazing in the twilight. Again, the Panjandrum has shown its excellence as a formidable weapon to be used in the defense of our great nation! Three cheers for the Molossian Navy and the Great Panjandrum!

Watch the Great Panjandrum in action here!

East German

Ready for
a Night

The Panjandrum
at Night!


The Original

The Great Panjandrum.

Readying the Panjandrum.

Ready for Launch.

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