15 March 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

His Excellency, The President suffered a health emergency on Friday, 13 March. In the midst of obtaining building materials to make a greater Molossia, the President became extremely dizzy and experienced intense chest pain. Quickly evacuated to the nearest US hospital, Carson-Tahoe in Carson City, Nevada, His Excellency was immediately admitted to the emergency room, with a pulse of 230 beats per minute - extremely high. There he was quickly treated by the emergency room team, and diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia, a demand-type heart attack. SVT is a condition where the individualís heart beats extremely fast, too fast to effectively pump blood throughout the body. After initial emergency treatment to bring his pulse under control, The President was admitted to the hospital for two days of care, including various lab tests, observation and a stress test. On Sunday, 15 March, His Excellency was released from the hospital with a newly prescribed regimen of heart medication, with surgery possible in the future. The President has nevertheless made an excellent recovery from this condition, and expectations are that he will continue to lead our nation in good health for many years into the future.

Emergency Room Recovery.

Rebounding and Ready to Get Back to Work!

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