19 January 2020 XLIII
Khamsin Molossia News

Norton Park is the garden spot of Molossia, an oasis of green in our sere desert land. It is home to the Molossia Railroad and hosts verdant grapes, colorful roses and towering pine trees. However, lately two trees became a nuisance of sorts and unfortunately had to be removed. The two junipers - originally thought to be a small variety when planted - instead grew to mammoth size, dominating the Molossia Railroad, blocking paths and threatening the national sanitation system. Thus it was determined that the junipers had to go. Over a period of two weekends, interrupted by foul winter weather, first one, then the second tree were toppled. The process was laborious, involving chopping, digging and even winching the trees from the ground. Finally, after much travail, the junipers fell and are now no more. In their place will instead be planted two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees, a kind of miniature pine that will be more manageable in the small confines of the Park. Norton Park will bloom again in spring and no longer will the massive junipers spoil the tranquil beauty of the garden spot of Molossia.

Winch Action.

First Tree Down.

Winching the
Second Tree.

Second Tree Down.

Trees Gone,
Ready for
New Trees!

The Offending Junipers.

Trimming Them Down.

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