21 October 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Government of the Republic of Molossia, Ministry of Territorial Administration, is pleased to publish the first Emergency Management Plan for our nation. This plan is intended to provide general guidance in emergency and disaster situations. Molossia is a sovereign nation, however the territory and resources of our nation are limited. In addition, Molossia is scattered over a wide area of the western United States, primarily in three exclaves, Harmony Province (also known as the Molossian Home Territory), located near Dayton, Nevada, USA, Desert Homestead Province located near Joshua Tree, California, USA and Farfalla Colony, located near Alturas, California, USA. As well, a large number of Molossian citizens live outside the sovereign territory of our nation within the US, in such diverse areas as Southern California, Texas, Washington State, New Hampshire and nearer to the Home Territory, in Carson City and Dayton, Nevada. Due to the small and scattered nature of our nation, disaster response may need to rely upon or at least be augmented by police, fire and emergency services from the neighboring United States. This emergency plan covers preparation and responses to wildfires, floods, air quality incidents, volcanic incidents, epidemics and pandemics and earthquakes. All of these present potential hazards to our nation. It is intended that this plan will help our Government and citizens plan for and mitigate natural disasters, thus returning life back to normal after an event as soon as possible.

The full plan can be seen here: Emergency Management Plan

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