9 September 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

Twenty years ago, on 9 September 1999 XXII, the Molossian Flag was raised for the first time over our sovereign territory. Of course, there was a Molossia before that and even before that our nation was named the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. But it was in September 1999 that our nation transitioned from the People's Democratic Republic of Molossia to the Republic of Molossia. The People's Democratic Republic of Molossia was the immediate successor to the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, replacing that national identity in June 1998. For a few months Molossia was a part of the United Provinces of Utopia, another micronation, leaving that nation in January 1999 to become fully sovereign again. After eight months as the People's Democratic Republic of Molossia, the Communist government was removed in a peaceful internal coup, and the Premier, Kevin Baugh, became the President of the Republic of Molossia. Assuming power on 3 September 1999 XXII, President Baugh quickly instituted changes from the old government to the new, including the adoption of a new flag. Officially called the Grand Triune, our three-colored flag, with its blue, white and green stripes, has flown over our nation ever since. Standing not only for the sky, the mountains and the desert, our flag also stands for strength, purity and prosperity, all characteristics of the great nation, the Republic of Molossia, that our flag proudly represents.

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