26 August 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is proud to have hosted our second outdoor concert. During the evening of 25 August 2019 XLII performers Chris Bernstorf and the band Common Folk performed under the stars in Red Square. Before a rapt audience that included His Excellency, the President, The First Lady and the Chief Constable, Chris began the performance by performing several epic and evocative poems. He was followed by Jay Uhler and Drew Hurey of Common Folk, who performed a series of unique and thought-provoking songs. Both the poetry and music were amazing, entertaining and inspiring. Chris and his wife Amanda, and Jay and Drew, have traveled the width of the US for several weeks, beginning in Michigan, USA, sharing their art in an ongoing series of in-home concerts. As happened in 2016 XXXIX, this year their path took them near Molossia and, fortunately for us, they chose to visit our tiny nation and perform. This is the second concert ever held in Molossia, a dream of The President, who envisioned such events here when designing Red Square some years ago. It is hoped that this will not be the last such show to visit our nation; in the meantime, Chris, Amanda, Jay and Drew are off to perform in California and later parts northwest as they continue to bring amazing art to the distant corners of North America. We wish them well and hope that they will visit us again, someday soon!

Enjoy the poetry of Chris Bernstorf here:

Enjoy the music of Common Folk here:

We're With
The Band

Rapt Audience

Chris Emoting

The Band Rockin' Out

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