19 August 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Monday, 19 July 2019 XLII the Mighty Molossian Navy set out to explore the waters of nearby Lake Tahoe, about 50 Imperial Nortons (31 mi/50 km) west of the Molossian Home Territory. The goal was to cross the Nevada-California state line, which cuts through the middle of Lake Tahoe, near the point where it meets the north shore of the lake. This is not far from the famed Cal-Neva Casino, a vintage hotel that straddles the state line, and was a frequent playground for such legendary entertainers as Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. The voyage was intended to begin just over the California line at a small beach, but access there was closed. So the valiant sailors regrouped and traveled a little further west to King's Beach, a small community on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. From there the little flotilla set out, traveling east along the lake shore toward the border. After a fairly peaceful 75 minute journey across the waters, marred only by a malfunctioning oar, the Navy arrived at the border between the two states. The border itself proved to be rather unremarkable, denoted on the shore only by a broken chain link fence. The President, aboard one of the Navy's kayaks, was jokingly disappointed that there was no dotted line along the bottom of the lake, marking the border. After surveying the area for a few minutes, the Navy set out for King's Beach, arriving 50 minutes later without mishap (besides that oar). This voyage in total was the longest ever for our Navy, lasting two and half hours and being over 5 Imperial Nortons (5 km / 3.2 mi) in length. A great milestone for our Navy! Upon arrival back in King's Beach, the Naval mission was declared complete and a great success. The fleet then returned to Molossia, another successful foray for the Mighty Molossian Navy.

The First Lady

Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Rocks.

Crossing The
Border Back
Into Nevada.

The Border
Looking South.

The Border
Looking North.

The President
On The
Nevada Side.

The First Lady
On The
California Side.

No Dotted
Line On The
Lake Bottom.

Hamburger Rock
On The
Voyage Back.

Welcome To California!

Setting Out From King's Beach.

The President Afloat.

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