9 June 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

On Sunday, 9 June 2019 XLII His Excellency, The President and the First Lady visited Emperor Norton at his place of repose in Colma, just south of San Francisco. The late Emperor is an icon in the Republic of Molossia. Declaring himself to be the absolute ruler of the United States, a claim unrecognized by that nation, Emperor Norton was the first micronationalist, of a sort. This audacious claim, coupled with his contemporary notoriety, has established the Emperor as a pioneer among micronationalists and as such he is honored as a hero here in Molossia. Throughout our nation one can find a myriad of things and places named for Emperor Norton, including Norton Park, an element of our measurement system, and a cannon; the Emperor as well appears on Molossian stamps and money. And so, on a breezy Sunday afternoon, The President and First Lady took tea in the presence of the Emperor, a great honor from a great man - Norton I, The Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.

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Emperor Norton
In His Heyday.

The Emperor's Final
Resting Place

Tea With The Emperor

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