30 March 2019 XLII
Khamsin Molossia News

The eastern half of the Republic of Molossia is undeveloped desert, the Back Forty National Park. Meandering through this sere landscape is the Trans-Molossia Trail, a path traveling through the native realm of the Great Basin Desert. Beginning at the Tower of the Winds the trail passes the Dead Dog War Battlefield, the ruins of Fort Joe, the Molossia cemetery, Molhenge, and finally Helicopter Rock before returning back to the Tower of the Winds. In recent years the trail has been rather neglected but lately the Molossian National Park Service has refurbished it, widened it and cleaned it up in preparation for the upcoming 2019 tourist season. One of the most exciting improvements has been the creation of the Music Maker, an eclectic collection of various “instruments“ that can be used by visitors while traveling the trail. Located next to Molhenge, soon the quiet of the desert will be enlivened by the sound of bells, chimes, tubs and cans, in some semblance of music. We are quite proud of the improvements to the Trans-Molossia Trail and look forward to it showing off a seldom-seen side of Molossia to our many visitors.

The Dead Dog War

The Molossia

Making Music


Helicopter Rock

End Of The

The Trans-Molossia Trail

On The Trail

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