25 November 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic Molossia lies within Storey County, Nevada and the highest point of Storey County is Mount Davidson, a mountain just behind the mining town of Virginia City. It was this peak that the President and Chief Constable set out to climb on 25 November 2018 XLI. High on the side of the mountain is a giant letter "V", painted on rocks and illuminated at night, symbolizing Virginia City. This was the target of the first leg of the climb, reached after an hour of climbing. Another hour of scrambling up steep slopes and snow-covered rocks brought the two adventurers to the summit of Mount Davidson, at 13,488 Nortons (7,868 ft / 2,398 m). After displaying the Molossian flag atop the mountain, the duo then settled down for a lunch of US Army Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE), before beginning the slow descent. Finally The President and Chief Constable reached the start point of their climb back in Virginia City, after a grueling 4.5 hour expedition, their return only slightly delayed while observing a herd of deer. Mission accomplished, the duo returned to Molossia content with a job well done: ascending the highest peak of the many mountains surrounding our nation.

Top Of The V

Chief Constable
On The Rocks

Top Of The

Looking Down
On Virginia City
And In The
Distance, Molossia

The President
And The Flag

Distant Washoe Lake

Distant Reno

Mount Davidson And Virginia City

Beginning The Climb With The V In The Distance

Virginia City From The V

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