26 October 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

From 21 through 25 October 2018 XLI, His Excellency, The President, The First Lady and the Chief Constable traveled out to sea for both a pleasure cruise and meetup with fellow micronationalists. The occasion was the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Shiloh. Setting out from the Port of Long Beach, California aboard the Carnival Imagination, the First Family sailed to Catalina Island during the first day at sea, then to Ensenada, Mexico on the second day. Also during the cruise, The President met up with King Timothy of Shiloh and Grand Duke Travis of the Grand Duchy of Westarctica. The trio of world leaders represented their nations aboard ship, and met several times during the cruise to discuss a wide variety of national and micronational matters. Plans were made for future events and activities and there was discussion about each nation's goals. Amidst all this serious work, there was of course time ashore for adventures, including an excursion to the wild hinterland of Catalina Island and another to La Bufadora blowhole, just south of Ensenada. As well there were shipboard activities, including a meet and greet with the captain of the ship and a rousing karaoke performance by the Grand Duke. All in all a fine time was had, and it is certain that one day in the future the First Family will again set sail, seeking further adventures afloat and always representing Molossia on the high seas.

Captains of State
and the Captain of
the Ship.

An August

Avalon, Catalina,
on a Misty Morning.

The Ship From
the Mountains
of Catalina.


La Bufadora
Blowhole Erupts.

The President
Tames a
Tiger Cub

Sunset at

Carnival Imagination.

Summit of World Leaders: Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, King Timothy of Shiloh, President Baugh of Molossia

Micronational Ladies: Chief Constable Alexis Baugh of Molossia, First Lady Adrianne Baugh of Molossia, Princess Samantha of Shiloh

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