13 October 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

Saturday, 13 October 2018 XLI was an amazing day indeed for our nation. Under a beautiful blue autumn sky two stellar events took place, first a State Visit from President Telford of the Federal Republic of Caddia, and second we welcomed one of our largest ever tour groups to Molossia, and in the process blasted past our goal of 200 visitors to our nation this year. This latter event easily surpassed the nation of Nauru, in our one-sided competition with that country to have more tourists than them. As our tourist season comes to a close, Molossia has welcomed 238 visitors this year. Our nation can now boast of having more tourists than a recognized state, as Nauru receives less than 200 visitors a year. We are quite proud of reaching this goal, truly a milestone for our nation!

As is customary, the Caddia State Visit began with a short ceremony in Republic Square, raising the flags of both nations over Molossia, followed by the playing of both national anthems and an exchange of gifts. After the ceremony Caddian President Telford and his companions joined the visiting tour group for a tour of our nation, seeing all the sights of Molossia, including Red Square, Norton Park, the Molossia Railroad. Following the tour our other guests bid farewell to Molossia as they returned to their homes, and President Telford sat down with His Excellency in the Office of the President to discuss Caddia and micronational affairs in general. Thereafter, the President and his companions departed Molossia, thus ending a successful diplomatic meeting and a rousing tourist visit, an august day for Molossia indeed.

Welcoming Our
Visitors To Molossia.

The President
Receiving A Medal
From A Fan!

Mighty Tourist

Saluting The Anthems.

The President Giving President Telford The Friendship Medal.

Two Presidents At The Border.

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