8 July 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

As noted before, the Republic of Molossia is a larger country than can be seen in our Home Territory located in Northern Nevada. Our nation also possesses two exclaves: Desert Homestead Province, located near Joshua Tree, California, and Farfalla Colony, located outside the Northern California town of Alturas. Farfalla consists of 7,965 Square Royal Nortons (2 hectares / 4.9 acres) of uninhabited land surrounded by rolling forested hills. It is split by a small creek named Deer Run, which is partially fed by Lion Spring. Farfalla is covered in juniper and piņon trees, wild flowers and grasses. In the absence of humans, there is substantial wildlife in Farfalla, including deer, coyotes, cottontail rabbits and the occasional house cat.

It was to Farfalla that His Excellency, the President and The First Lady journeyed on 8 July 2018 XLI. The First Couple spent several hours at Farfalla, raising the flag upon the flagpole that was one of only two man-made structures in the colony, the other being an aged wood bridge over Deer Run Creek. During this latest visit a new bridge was built over Lion Spring, to make access to the flagpole - and the geographic center of Farfalla - easier. Construction took about an hour and a half, much pre-construction cutting and drilling having been done before the First Couple's departure from the Home Territory. The bridge built, a screen tent was deployed next to the flagpole and the President and First Lady spent the rest of the day enjoying the far-flung colony.

This was the second annual visit to Farfalla, beginning last year and planned yearly from here on out. As before, plans were made to establish a more permanent presence there, with perhaps a small cabin. The distance from the Molossian Home Territory precludes a longer term residence. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy our distant colony from afar.

the Bridge.

Bridge Building.

Bridge Building.

the Bridge.

Farfalla Evening
by the Flag.

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Walking Lion Lane.

The Lion Spring.

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