2 June 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

On 2 June 2018 XLI, His Excellency, The President, the First Lady and the Chief Constable ventured out from Molossia to nearby Dayton, Nevada, to take part in the annual Oodles of Noodles Festival and Pasta Cookoff. The Festival is a street fair held annually in old town Dayton and includes music, craft booths and food, especially different types of pasta, of which there is a competition for the best. His Excellency had the honor of opening the Festival at 9:00 AM and introducing a local children's choir which sang the Star Spangled Banner. Afterward the First Family manned their own booth, educating the crowd about our nation. The President and First Lady spent most of the day telling all about Molossia to the many curious visitors. At the end of the day the First Family dutifully packed up and returned to Molossia, content in having successfully spread the word about our great nation to a new legion of fans.

Riding The Railcar

The President
And First Lady

Festival Booth

Opening the Festival

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