24 March 2018 XLI
Spring Jamboree

On 20 March 2018 XLI the Republic of Molossia celebrated its first Spring Jamboree. The Spring Jamboree is a new holiday, created to celebrate the arrival of spring on the Spring Equinox. A party is held, bringing together as many Molossians as possible for general frolic and festivity. This year the weather was apparently unaware that winter had ended, so the Jamboree was held indoors in Government House. The party was carnival-themed, and included such carnival foods as corn dogs and pretzel bites, and also included a wide variety of games. Among these were the balloon pop, ball toss, fishing for prizes, a hanging donut eating contest and a cake walk. A wonderful time was had by all, and we look forward to next year's jamboree!

Ready For A Party!

for Prizes.

Popping Balloons!

The Chief
Constable Shows
How It's Done!

Tossing The Ball.

for Prizes.

Girls vs. Donuts.

Guys vs. Donuts.

Winning The

March For Our Lives

On 24 March 2018 XLI The President, First Lady and Chief Constable attended the March For Our Lives, a movement to protest gun violence and assault weapons. Held in Reno, Nevada, about 35 Imperial Nortons (35km) northwest of Molossia, the protest included over 1,000 marchers, including our own President, First Lady and Chief Constable. The Chief Constable in particular holds this cause dear, feeling strongly about the many senseless deaths in school shootings. She spearheaded a school walkout from her school in nearby Virginia City on 14 March, in memory of the students slain in the 14 February school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Said the Chief Constable, "I'm happy to see people come together to make a difference, but it's sad that it has to be for this reason." It is hoped that the March For Our Lives movement will indeed bring change and make a real difference in combating gun violence.

On The March!

Signs and Holders.

A Crowd for Change.

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