16 March 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

As much as we would like to avoid it, winter arrives here in Molossia around November each year. By December the first snow falls, melts and is replaced off and on through January and February. By March the weather is usually warming in anticipation of spring. But not this year. Defying tradition, winter kept in it's teeth all through the usual months of foul weather, only occasionally dousing Molossia with rain. All of that changed at the very end of February with a light snowfall, our first of the season. Then in March winter showed up for real, late and ready for action. The first real snowstorm of the year arrived on 3 March, dumping at least a Norton of snow on our nation. Thereafter followed a respite and two weeks later the next storm blew in, this time dumping almost two Norton's of snow on our fair land. Of course, being a desert nation, we welcome the water that snow brings, but in it's right place and time! March isn't that time, it's the time to be looking forward to spring! Well, there's not much we can do about the weather, in spite of Mark Twain's advice, so we just need to dig out, stay warm and know that sunny days are right around the corner here in Molossia!

Red Square,
Second Storm

Republic Square,
Third Snowfall

Red Square,
Third Storm

Snowy Molossian
Third Storm

Republic Square, First Snowfall

Republic Square, Second Snowfall

Norton Park Pines

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