14 February 2018 XLI
Khamsin Molossia News

On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 XLI, the Republic of Molossia celebrated our first ever Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras, also called Fat Tuesday, refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday", reflecting the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. Mardi Gras in the United States is especially connected to New Orleans, a city for which Molossians have a special affinity. There it is a day for fun, frolic and comic masquerading. Garish parades abound, and float riders traditionally toss throws, such as beads, into the crowds.

This year is the first that Mardi Gras was celebrated as an official holiday in Molossia. In keeping with the tradition, Molossian Mardi Gras participants each designed and painted their own "floats" on posterboard, each reflecting New Orleans themes and colors. Then the floats were paraded around Government House with much glee, after which the parade participants enjoyed such Louisiana foods as mini shrimp po' boy sandwiches and red beans and rice. Dinner was followed up with King Cake cupcakes, King Cake being a special Mardi Gras treat. Molossian Bryce Cardoza found the baby in the King Cake and was thus crowned Molossia's Rex, King of Carnival. Following this games were played, especially a bead toss, representing the tossing of bead throws from floats.

A wonderful festive time was had by all and we are all looking forward to next year's Mardi Gras!

Parade Floats!

Bead Throw

Throwing Beads

Bradley Has
Quite The

Festive President
And First Lady

King Cake Cupcakes

Shrimp Po' Boys and Red Beans and Rice

King of Carnival Bryce

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