20 January 2018 XLI
First Daughter Adoption

Molossia's redoubtable Chief Constable, Alexis Baugh, has until now only been a Baugh in name but not in reality. That changed on 19 January 2018 XLI when Alexis, The President and First Lady appeared before a local US magistrate as His Excellency formally adopted the Chief Constable. Henceforth she is legally the child of The President and proudly carries the Baugh name. Finally, after many years of trying, welcome to the family, Alexis - and The President couldn't be more proud!

A New Baugh!
Second Meet And Greet

On 20 January 2018 XLI The President and First Lady hosted their second meet and greet at the local coffee shop, Blaqk Coffee, located in downtown Dayton. For over an hour The First Couple, accompanied by the Chief Constable, met and chatted with local Nevadans and fans of Molossia, including our loyal fan and ally, Robert Burr. While this meet and greet, like the first, was somewhat otherwise sparsely attended, it was nevertheless still a good second foray in increasing our local visibility, with more to come!

The First Couple, Meetup Ready

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